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Candle Wicks

Wicks are integral to ensuring a well crafted candle. Essentially a wick is a porous bundle of fibre that is ignited when lit, carrying fuel to the flame. If there is too much wax, the flame will flare and soot.

The most common wick material is cotton but wooden wicks can be used, which give off a crackling sound, when burnt.

Choosing the right wick in candle making requires a few things to consider: 

  • the diameter of the candle - the larger the diameter the larger the wick size, or the more wicks you will need

  • the type of wax being used - each candle wax has a different melting point

  • fragrance load and dye - the more colour or fragrance, the thicker the wick needs to be.

To assist in wicks adhering to the bottom of candle containers, we use wick stickums - double sided, heat resistant foam pads and wick positioners to ensure the candle wick is held securely in place, straight and centred through the candle.

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