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The foundation of our products

We use the following floral signature scents at our workshops and in our candles. Each scent has a connection to a specific symbolism, from the Language of Flowers.

Core Scents

Our core collection of scents to celebrate enjoy the range of floral inspiration throughout the year.

Sweet blossom range

Sweet Pea and Jasmine Scent Icon

Sweetpea & Jasmine


An elegant flowery aroma bursting with the scent of sugary watermelon and orange

Rose Petals Scent Icon

Rose Petals


Earthy and spicy sweetness with honey and sandalwood fragrance that can uplift.

Wild Fresh Selection

 Apple Blossom & Wild Fig Scent Icon

Apple Blossom & Wild Fig


Crisp fresh delicate floral scent with the deep creaminess of sweet fig

Pohutukawa Scent Icon


Summer Sunshine

Rich woody and delicate floral scent that also refreshes

Verdant woodland pickings

Pomegranate Flower, Cedar & Bergamot Scent Icon

Pomegranate Flower, Cedar & Bergamot 


A lush fruity woodiness blended with a citrus and floral perfume

Flowering Tobacco, Bergamot & Geranium Scent Icon

Flowering Tobacco, Bergamot & Geranium

Good Cheer

Deep warmth of leather and spice with the herbaceous and minty floral notes of summer

Rosemary Sage Scent Icon

Rosemary Sage


Rich woody and delicate floral scent that also refreshes

Seasonal Scent - Winter Haven

Our Seasonal Collection comprises blooms and scents that reflect the growth and emotions of the
seasons. We like to choose a couple of scents that reflect the current season so you can be reminded of the changes outside.

Frangipani Scent Icon



Exotic and decadently sweet and floral evoking the tropical fauna of the Pacific and Asia to cosy up to in colder times. 

Wild Iris Scent Icon

Wild Iris


A floral slightly sweet scent that reflects the earthiness of woodland and spicy musk

Candle making workshops

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