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Fragrance Oils

This blog focuses on fragrance and the use of it to scent our range. When it comes to fragrance - this is where both the art and science of candle making come into play.

Fragrances are a mixture of chemicals (either natural or synthetic) designed to provide a scent. The way these chemical mixtures are deciphered by our brain is what translates the mixture into a fragrance we either like or don’t enjoy. Whether natural or synthetic, each fragrance is made up of hundreds of molecules.

When making candles, you can either use fragrance oils, essential oils or fragrance blends.

Fragrance Oils are created synthetically rather than extracted from a natural source. Some fragrance oils contain a percentage of essential oils, which mean they can be formulated to replicate scents that are found in nature - such as pine or lemon. One of the benefits of fragrance oils is that they can emulate scents or concepts that cannot be derived from natural sources - like ‘fresh linen’  or ‘cappuccino’ scents for example.

Fragrance oils are great for candle making, easy to work with and come in many options.

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