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Blended Fragrances

Candles 101

Continuing with our introduction on the use of fragrance in our candle range, we also use blended fragrances  in our signature range e.g. Lavender & Lilac and Sweet Pea & Jasmine.

The use of blended fragrances enables several notes to give the candle scent depth and body. It is also  an opportunity for us to use a blend that incorporates the floral or woody scents that when combined, reflect the Language of Flowers symbolism we are wanting to have in our range.

Different oils have different scent characteristics. These can be categorised into Top Notes, Middle Notes and Base Notes. Top Note scents usually work fast and evaporate fast. They are what you smell first. Middle note scents tend to be softer, warmer and full bodied. They are known for giving the heart to an oil blend along with a balancing effect.

Base notes last  a long time and evaporate more slowly. Base notes also have the effect of slowing down the evaporation of top and mid-note oils. They are heavy, rich and give a blend depth.

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