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Candle Wax

Candles 101

Each month we thought we would share with you some gems connected with candles and candle making -  little bits of information to increase your understanding and appreciation.

To begin with, a key ingredient: wax.

At the core of a candle is the block of fuel - wax that is wrapped around a wick and ignited. This burns the fuel to produce light, warmth and with regard to our candles - gorgeous scents.

We use soy wax in our candle range. Soy wax is one of the more recent waxes to be developed in the early 1990s from hydrogenated soybean oil, in response to the demand for natural candles.

This is our wax of choice, due to its ease of use with most fragrances and high performance in container candles. The wax is clean burning too - meaning it burns slower (therefore your candle lasts longer) and importantly it does not emit harmful toxins.

Other wax types the can be used include: beeswax, paraffin, rapeseed, coconut, palm and wax blends.

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