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Winter Sweet

The month of June heralds the start of the Winter, bringing shortened days of sunlight and crisp chilly weather. However, we have been fortunate to have some glorious mild and sunny days over the month - which we  greatly appreciate.

As the garden goes into its winter hibernation and we eagerly await the spring bulbs popping up - one lovely gem that does appear, is the gorgeous flowering of Winter Sweet.

Winter Sweet is a deciduous shrub that produces heavily scented yellow tiny flowers before the leaves appear. The unique fragrance that some describe as seductive, is akin to violet and jonquil, with a hint of lemon and a dash of some exotic spice. Placing the aromatic twigs in the house is definitely a winter favourite. 

These flowers have been around for centuries and are known to have spiritual significance and represent resilience, hope and renewal. The flowers are also known to symbolise the beauty of old age, as it is revered for its longevity and continuity throughout the winter season.

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